A Night at Tidy

Added 2015-09-02 08:21:16

Tonight was my first experience of Tidy Bingo,  I deposited a tenner and got another 20 in bonus money, which i thought was a good deal, When i entered the chat room much to my suprise ( not ) was a few familier names  cags, nanny, tree mr put, swifty billy  and a couple of cms, So it was very home from home lol.  Blondie was a very welcoming cm and played some good cgs.  I even managed to come second in the tournament and won a tenner voucher making the night completely free.  The pots arent big but they soon mount up. I had a few goes in other rooms where  they can vary from 1p a ticket up to 50p. so bigger pots were available.  If you havent tried tidy yet i would recommend it,  you can have a night of bingo,  cgs and a few laughs for very little money,  thanks guys for making me feel welcome x