A Nintendo DSI from Free Bingo at OhMyBingo

Added 2011-04-05 18:27:23

Woo hoo hoo i done at last i managed to reach 180 gold coins and i have redeemed for the dsi.

I had written a few news reports last night and as Ben was on this morning and added points i was able to use my silver coins to buy 2 golds which left me only needing just one.

So golden hour this morning was more exciting than ever praying for just one win, it was either the 4th or 5th game i was waiting for number 69 from 50 calls and when it came out i was over the moon.

Lots of people in the online bingo room were so kind and congratulating me on reaching the target of 180 gold coins.

I have been saving up since the 15 th of Nov, 138 days (if i have counted right) which has passed really quick.

A couple of times i nearly gave up thinking that i would never make it, when the prices went up i almost used what coins i had for paying sites, but i did not give up and am now so pleased.

The dsi is for my son who is 10, it was his birthday on March the 23 rd so i am only two weeks late.

He is giving his ds to his younger brother so they are both happy.

Thank you so much oh my bingo cant wait for it to arrive.