A Pancake Day Free Bingo CD Win

Added 2011-03-12 17:14:00

on pancake day i came to play on oh my bingo like i usually do in the mornings,and cm lou was playing a chat game called more pancakes (i think) lol,so i chose my usual two numbers i have for certain chat games,i wasnt keeping track how many i had won,but i knew i had won quite a few,so i was expecting to win some gold coins which obviously i was happy about.

Then the game ended and cm lou pronounced the winners for 2nd and 3rd and when she didnt say my name i thought oh well obviously i didnt win as many pancakes as i thought lol, then she said and the winner is avy74.  I thought oh my god i cant believe i have won!

I was expecting to be 2nd or 3rd because i joined in about an hour or so after the chat game had started.i had won a cd from the top ten cds of my choice.i received the cd yesterday (friday),so i would just like to say  big thank you to all the oh my bingo team for all the hard work they do on this fab online bingo site,and all the cms on here who all do a great job in the bingo room.