A Perfect Free Bingo Golden Hour

Added 2010-08-14 19:58:51

hi there it is dan26 and i must appauld you lot behind the scenes on oh my bingo.  Logged on to the Golden Hour tonight and it was a lot better than last night - it worked like a dream.  I never had not one glitch or problem and best of all i never had to use my f5 button once, right through the whole hour of golden hour!

It is nice to see the golds on the prize board and that they are now paid on an auto basis.  Great also now you have put on two gold hours per day makes it better and more fair for the people who can't play the night golden hour for some reason.

This free bingo site is getting better and better as the days go by.  We missed our lovely CMs tonight though, I hope they are ok.  They will be sorry they missed golden hour as it went perfectly - just pity no chat games were played it would of made it perfect and apart from that there is nothing left to say except very well done for all the hard work you guys put in to the site for us all.