A pleasant site is a good online bingo site like Bingo Broadway

Added 2010-04-16 12:23:00

I belong to an online bingo site, Bingo Broadway. There aren't many rooms and the cheaper games are only open from 11 am till 3 pm. There are slots and side games as per most of the sites.

I do like this site, I'll pop in maybe once a week (I'm such a busy woman lol) and I have the occasional win, (nothing earth shattering) but the one thing that stands out is that the chat is always very pleasant and polite. It's not a particularly busy site whenever I've played and it does seem to be mostly regulars , but what a nice atmosphere the site has.

It's not always about lots of big wins when we play online bingo, though that does help. lol

Personally I'm not big on chat so the chat rooms shouldn't make any difference to me but I was on Broadway today and I thought to myself what a pleasant experience it was. I had three little wins which was good but even if I hadn't won I would still have enjoyed it. The sites which allow bad behaviour in chat could learn a lot from those sites which won't tolerate it. A pleasant site is a good site. Throw in some big wins and you've got a GREAT site. lol