A Poem called Golden Hour

Added 2011-06-12 10:28:10

I'm washing my dishes quick as it's golden hour

I might take up my laptop and play it in the shower

Im addicted i know i am i can not get out of my seat

If i do i run out quick to cook something quick to eat


I run back in to peek just in case ive won

oh i have a gold coin you will all be glad to know

now im sitting down to watch my show called comedy gala

im gonna eat my sweet rhubard,custard and a little bit of banana



im looking at the reviews to see what bingo to join

there are so many different sites to choose from i feel im lost for choice

i might join a few some day but at the moment i want to play my game



oh the games just started im almost down to one

number 33 come out oh my god i won a line

and now im playing for 2 lines

im almost down to one

oh my god i won again i am so delighted and now im going for the hat trick and oh my god i won it.