A poem for online bingo fans

Added 2010-09-30 11:02:13

I'm trying hard not to be downhearted

As I sit here playing online bingo games.

Lady Luck has long departed

She's smiling on other's names.


I tell myself not to fret

It's surely temporary.

I'll put on just one more little bet

hoping this time it'll be me.


I sigh and light another cig

tho' I know it's bad for m'health.

But any minute I'm gonna win big

and I'll be counting all my wealth.


Then I'll get so very fit

All my bad habits I'll ditch,

I might even go jogging a bit

Tho' maybe not, I don't wanna get stitch.


As I dream about what I'll win

I get to one to go

I smile and think  "wayhay ... I'm in"

But then I think  "Oh NO"


It's gone to someone else again

Like so many times before,

And I recognise the name,

And I head for the door.


''Enough's enough for today'' I mutter

It's more than a body can bear.

"I've had enough of THAT site" I utter

But tomorrow I'll be there.


I'll be ready for it all again

tho' gambling is a sin.

And losing is really such a pain

But maybe tomorrow I'll WIN !!!!!