A Poem OMG OhMyBingo

Added 2011-05-27 10:41:41

Since i wrote an article with the idea of a poetry corner some time ago i thought i'd better get my thinking cap on and write a poem :)

Oh my goodness, OhMyBingo has come into my life

Lifting up my spirits and ridding daily strife.

Cautiously at first i watched at this new bingo site

Then after playing for a day or two, it set my world alight;

Pete can be a right good friend when calling out our numbers

But he can be frustrating when he leaves our numbers slumbered.

But don't fret or fear, fun's not far away

With Trix and Lou and Ikkle, they have chat games we can play.

And not forgetting Tigg with her brilliant midnight quiz

All wanting to get on the sofa and open that bottle of fizz

It's our very own olympics, prizes bronze silver and gold

And though it's luck and not technique our family breaks the mould.

My last words are of thanks for all the players, near and far

You've made me feel at home here, this Yorkshire lass says ta!

So whether you're saving for the cam, the Ds or Wii

Stick with OhMyBingo you're in excellent company.