A potted history of bingo

Added 2010-03-14 10:55:58

Where did it all begin? Well here's a quickie version of how bingo took off and became the game we all know so well and love to bits:-)

The game of Bingo can be traced as far back as the 16th Century in Italy. It then appeared in France in 1770, played by  wealthy Frenchmen.Later versions of the game appeared in Germany, where, instead of being used as a gambling game,  it was used for educational purposes for example to teach children their times tables.It came to the English speaking world came in the late 1920's when a toy salesman stumbled across a carnival game in Georgia.

The game of Beano, as the booth-owner called it, involved a caller drawing numbered wooded discs from a bag and shouting them out to the waiting players, the salesman didn't get to play that night but he had a great idea.He went back to New York he invited friends over to play this new game. They became immediately hooked and at one point, one lady who got very excited by  the game shouted  "Bingo!" instead of ''Beano'' and the name stuck. The salesman  then created the first commercialised version of the game.

In the UK the game became known in 1960, when the Gaming Act was passed and allowed games in members-only establishments. The game of Bingo was brought over from the USA and in the UK was a commercial venture. Land bingo became very popular when hundreds of clubs opened.

And now we have online bingo so we don't even have to leave our house to play it!