A quick OhMyBingo note

Added 2011-09-09 12:48:12

This is just a quick post to explain a few things I mentioned in chat about the up and coming Blackpool Trip.

All I have said is that I personally don't rate the date the meet up is and that although a second date was offered rated Dec even less due to xmas.I did mention that the date chosen shouldnt have been chosen just because 4/5 peeps had already decided to meet that day. This is all I am aware of mentioning about the date.

The other thing I mentioned which I posted a comment of the same day the news went out about the meet up was What OhMyBingo had in stall for those who can not go for one reason or another.

This was my main issue and I still stand by my comment and think something should be done for those who don't go.(and by something I hope it aint a few points lol x)

So to Heidi who I normally get on fine with ,This is basically what I was saying and at no point did I suggest it was  your fault this date was chosen.As I have probably badly explained my real and main issue was the fact there appeared to be nothing for the members that are not going .

I don't want to make people angry and annoyed or uncomfortable but genuinley thought by putting my opinion across it may help towards getting the roomies something special for the day.Obviuosly I speak how I find and may well of put my original opinion across the wrong way and for this I am truely sorry.

Just incase by writting this I have rattled any cages I will say my sorry now lol.

Once again sorry Heidi if you got the wrong end of the stick and thought I was aiming anything at you,this was not the case and hope you forgive me xxxx