A Quick Poem About OhMyBingo

Added 2011-05-22 16:55:00

There was a cm  tickleikle who rather got into a pickle.  said brb and then landed flat right up to her tiny lil middle.

She never knew her washing machine was there flooding the room . she didnt know what to do.

So you see she counted to three. as she took deep breaths in and out if you get what i mean. lol

oh well im here writing a poem but i cant help it  im missing my bingo.

So im rushing this fast so i can  get my glass and myself  back into the room

  To win more coins as we do.

I cant help it you know.

Im very slow on typing. but oh well i wish i could spell. 

 BUT I can not  as you can  tell  

and you just  do not know  what im going through.

As im missing my  bingo lol

But im almost there now.

So i can slow down. 

And get back to my chatting at oh my bingo lol

  If you see me your know what ive  done  while  im gone

your all winning the coins. 

well im coming in now so save me some please

 oh god oh my bingo im a poet and i did not know it lol