A Rainy Day in Bradford

Added 2015-11-30 08:35:32

Ive just got back from a meet up with a few OhMyBingo friends some ive met before and some i havent, If theres another meet id advise you to go because they all make you feel welcome.

Dave putts lovely, tall but a handsome devil lol my only worry is he didnt mention our wedding so dont know wether thats still on lol.  As expected charlies great and defintley the one to go to if you have a problem shes kind but practical her other half  johns a nice bloke as well , quiet but then they were just getting warmed up when i left lol  

For all you that know heidi our beloved ex cm,   well shes blooming, looking well and shin looks like the cat the got the cream. hmm that leaves cags and bertie . bradfords answer to jack n vera,  dont kill me cags  lol  they were on top form and as per usual keeping us all entertained we even had a bit of excitement when bertie nearly got his phone nicked  pmsl .

We had a guest appearance from rosie nanny who is just as i thought , lovely and chatty ,It just shows you how close these guys are that rosie nanny drove over to bradford just to see them even though shes got her hands full at the moment way to go rosie x  and not long before i had to go swifty arrived,  sorry swifty i would of liked to spend more time with you but next time i'll stay over and have a few drinks and a laugh. Anyway thanks guys for a great day and next time i come i'll leave the rain at home x