A really fun bingo site Posh Bingo

Added 2010-06-02 12:32:47

posh bingo is a addictive and fun site to make lots of new friends. i enjoy talking to new people. i like the  5 p game room and the 10 p game room.if i run out of money i can also go on the free rooms were you still win real money. the free rooms play every few minutes.

while you am waiting for the online bingo to start you can enjoy playing on the slot machines.the cms are very helpful if you need to know anything about posh bingo. dont worry if you join you get a bonus and you also get extra when you deposit.once a week there is a rook were you can win a jackpot of 5,000.witch i have never won but i have won a few times on the free rooms but like most players the money that i win i put it back on bingo. with the slots there is lots of diffrent slot games to play i have won a few times.you can play with real money or just for fun eather way you will enjoy every minute.there is a free room where you can win 50 every few hours.you can also play the 75 ball bingo witch i enjoy.so if you want to sign up its up to you but i now you will enjoy all of the fun thats on Posh Bingo.    

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