A Regular Bingo and Slots Winner at Sing Bingo

Added 2010-08-22 20:33:03

hey all, so i was on Sing Bingo yesterday and i won in bingo so i played the slots and i won 37 pounds on fluffy favourites.  So i withdrew 30 pounds and played the 7 pounds in online bingo which was fun.

Then after i lost it at 1 this morning i thought I'd check my points and I had 2008 points so i redeemed 1000 so had a pound so went in 5p tickets in 75 ball room and spent it.  omg I won 16 pounds odd could believe it.  So i thought ohh i will have a go on the slots and wow i couldnt believe it - I went on aztec rasing and won 15 pounds so i kept spining and won even more so i had enough to withdraw another 30 pounds.

I kept playing on Sing Bingo as well and omg i just kept winning - especially on the duck one, I kept getting free spins.  I couldn't believe my eyes - i wouldnt come off cause every one I played I won lol.  So at 3.30 am this morning i finally went to bed lol i ended up all together having 130 pounds in withdraw and i had 20 pounds left to play to.

That has been the best time i have ever had on slots at Sing Bingo.