A Regular OhMyBingoer Speaks Out

Added 2010-08-26 17:23:17

i just thought i would write a little post to say hi and welcome our new players to the oh my bingo site and write in my opinion what i think of the site.

Right were to start?  the best part of the site is definitely the oh my bingo players - they are so friendly, kind and very caring you will not find a nicer bunch of people on any online bingo site around they always have genuine good luck wishes and if you up set or down they always lend a listening ear.

next is the points - there are so many ways you can earn them ( these are what you need to buy bingo tickets with ) you can post a recipe or two per day you can also share a joke or two per day . right now bingo this is were you earn your coins ( these are what you need for prizes) the prizes on site are great as there is wide variety of choice from free bingo money to a cool dsi :) 

And lastly but certainly not least are the  fab cms lou bonbon and emmy who make everyone very welcome and are just great people to be around in a summary i think oh my bingo is a hard site to beat