A Remarkable Lady

Added 2013-04-15 07:50:17

hi peeps i just wanted to say a few words about a lovely lady whose name is julie but u will probably know her best as charlie. as many of you will already know her beloved brother david passed away in the early hours of saturday morning with charlie there at his side. david sadly had terminal cancer. this is the second tragedy to hit charlie and her family as only a few weeks ago her neice also passed away due to cancer.

when david was told that nothing could be done for him, charlie decided that however long he had left he would be cared for by his family who loved him so much. with a couple of members of her family they gave david 24 hour care and attention and love and made his final few weeks as pleasant as they could possibly be under the circumstances. i know myself from past experience how hard this can be. it not only drains you physically but mentally too and you dont sleep or eat properly but at the time you dont even think about it. i remember charlie meeting me at bradford station a couple of weeks ago and spending a few hours with me and taking me to swiftys. nothing much there you may say except charlie had been up since 3.30 and tending to her beloved brother. with all this going on her life she still had the time to come and meet me even though she must have been shattered.

i would also like to praise john, charlies other half, who has supported her throughout this sad period of their lives, and also to swifty and jay( jay is swiftys partner and charlies son) for supporting charlie whilst trying to carry on with their own full time jobs. a further mention to heidi and all the omb peeps who were online saturday evening who all showed their respects.

you may feel sad at the moment charlie and although the pain will ease in time hun the memories will always be there.

i know david will be up there with his new friends saying "see that lady down there, well thats my julie, a remarkable lady and a wonderful sister"

so just before i gone to play online bingo i am having a wee whisky(which i loathe i hasten to add) and raising my glass to say

cheers david r.i.p. mate   and cheers charlie, a remarkable lady, a wonderful sister and a dear dear friend.

take care hun

mwahhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxx