A Robbery At Land Bingo

Added 2013-02-19 08:24:42

Hi everyone one. Hope this finds that you are all well and having fun. I wanted to share this with you all. I personally, have never had this happen to me. However, my dear friend, whom I used to go to land bingo with, called me the other day, and told me that someone had stolen her hard earned bingo wins.

This is land bingo mind you, and the same crew all the time. Now who would think you can't trust your fellow Bingo mates. She said she had her purse in an empty chair, then another gal, who she really didn't know all that well sitting next to the empty chair. She said she had put her winning in a pocket in her purse, had gone to the bathroom on break, hadn't thought about taking her purse. When she came back to fish out the money to get a bite to eat, it was gone.

The other woman was chatting away with her friend, she then asked if she had saw anyone come round that way. The lady said no, asked what was wrong, and my dear friend Mary, told her. She acted very innocent, and needless to say Mary didn't want to broach the subject of her possiblity as the culprit. So, she never did find out, and now is very hesitant as to going for awhile. It took the wind out of her sails, as she had said she had been on a losing streak, and was all excited about going shopping for some long needed clothes.

I felt so bad for her, and also am sad that one would think that at a place you go to alot, this wouldn't happen. Well it did, and from now on if I go, and I do go there sometimes with her, I will be on the look-out and very careful, as she will. For now tho, she says she is done for awhile. She hadn't won anything in over a month, and she is dissapointed, as you can imagine.

So warning gals, keep the money in a safe place. It could happen to anyone.. Hope all is well with you all. Take care, stay safe, and happy bingoing.. sparkplug711