A Round Up and Thank You for Blackpool 2012

Added 2012-07-09 17:41:36

We wanted to thank everyone that attended our 2012 Meet in Blackpool this weekend…it was brilliant! Here’s a brief recap so you can laugh again and if you didn’t come, hopefully this will be an incentive for you to make the trip next year.

We did clay pigeon shooting, bruised our arms, won some OMPs and hit the odd clay.

We enjoyed the open bar and took full advantage of the amazing photo booth with all the props. Then came the free bingo – 3 bingo games with loads of great prizes such as Lakeland vouchers, a variety of iPods and a digital camera. A special shout out to Cagsywagsy who won a prize and shared a second – graciously giving up her share of the second one.

Goody bags for everyone with some exclusive brand new OhMyBingo merchandise. Enjoy peeps!

After the bingo we grabbed some food and did the most enormous raffle we’ve ever seen. So many people helped with this but the main contributor was most definitely rosienanny – thank you. £1 a ticket or 10 tickets for a fiver and a whopping £300 was raised! OhMyBingo has matched that and donated £600 – please click here to see.

Then came a moving tribute led by swifty, CM-Heidi and jaseyboi to the late cat44joe. Wonderful balloons, messages, a drink and speeches helped give her the message that she’s missed by all at OMB and even more so at the time of a Meet.

After that, the night was still young and the drinks flowed…

The following morning we had a good breakfast and said our goodbyes…until next year!

Loads of new ideas for next year and more than likely a new location – we’ll give you as much notice as possible!

Finally and MOST importantly…this Meet simply wouldn’t have happened without the sponsorship of Big Brother Bingo. Honestly…not a single drink, no goody bags and no free bingo prizes…it’s all thanks to Big Brother Bingo. If you haven’t signed up, please click here to register. They have free bingo and a great welcome offer where you get loads for your first £10 deposit – please sign up and check them out. If you’re already a member, thank you…it’s people like you that meant Big Brother Bingo were happy to help us out.

Thanks a lot!

Chet and Ben.