A Smashing Weekend at Kitty Bingo

Added 2013-10-18 09:29:00

This weekend at Kitty Bingo will be jammed with promotional offers starting as of Friday 18th till Monday 21st of October 2013.

A total of 5 new slots have already been added at the online bingo site’s Games section. During the weekend upon playing on Dragon Ship Slots, Pearl Lagoon Slots, Fortune Teller Slots, Lucky Diamonds Slots and Jolly Roger Slots players will earn double points. Join Kitty Bingo NOW!

This weekend from Friday 18th till Monday 21st of October 2013, players will have 2 deposit offers classified as Offer 1, Offer 2A and Offer 2B. If a player takes option 1 they get 1 promo a day if they take option 2 they will qualify for 2B. Offer 1 gives out 50% + 5 free spins when making a deposit of £10-£20. As for Offer 2A, players will get 50% + 10 Free Spins on deposit of £30-£100 and 55% + 5 free spins will be given on deposit of £30-£100 on Offer 2B.

20 players will get 2,000 points each on Friday 18th with the TGI Friday Promotion when they bingo on letters T,G and I. Playing this Friday at 9pm is the monthly no Limit Bingo which came up to £1,211.45 and growing plus at 9.30 the Daily Limits Bingo. Boomerang Friday is also playing this Friday at 10.30pm in the pre-buy room of the same name.

 As for Saturday 19th, The Big Dabber game will take place at 9.30pm in the pre-buy room where players will share a wonderful £500. Double Points will be showered in Chit Chat Room on Sunday 20th via chat games from 22pm till midnight.

As for Monday 21st, it will be the big sales day where 25% will be taken off bingo cards from 08am till 10pm in bingo rooms in the Bingo tab.

On top of the above, Kitty Bingo has other ongoing promotions such as Mews at Ten, Cat’s Pyjamas, Bingo for Boobies and Slot of the Week.