A Sugar Coated Weekend at Lucky Pants Bingo

Added 2013-10-18 09:34:57

This weekend at Lucky Pants Bingo will be luscious with the many promotional offers set forward and the 5 new slot games added namely Dragon Ship Slots, Pearl Lagoon Slots, Fortune Teller Slots, Lucky Diamonds Slots and Jolly Roger Slots. Click here for more details on Lucky Pants Bingo.

To begin with, players will have deposit offers distributed as Offer 1, Offer 2A and Offer 2B. As from Friday 18th until Monday 21st, on a deposit of £10-£20 players will get 45% + 5 free spins. On Offer 2A, players will get 55% + 5 free spins on deposit of £30-£100 and 50% + 10 free spins will be given away on Offer 2B on deposit of £30-£100. If a player takes option 1 they get 1 promo a day if they take option 2 they will qualify for 2B.

Exclusively this weekend at Lucky Pants Bingo, 20 players will hatch up a Cadbury’s chocolate hamper each when playing on Sugar train Slots, Easter Coop Slots and Cash Scoop Slots. The 20 winners will be 10 players with the most spins and 10 winners from a prize draw.

As from Thursday 17th till 31st of October, players who bingo the most on the Halloween patterns will win a share of £100 in the Halloween prize draw.

Happening this Friday is the LA LA Lucky promo in which the 20 players who bingo the most will each get 5,000 points. The Monthly No Limits Bingo will also be playing on Friday at 9pm in the pre-buy room.

On Saturday with the Perfect Match promo, 30 players who bingo the most on patterns 36 and C, 32 and A, 48 and F, in each range 10 winners will each get 5 free cards worth 5p.  The Big Dabber game will also be on the list on Saturday at 9.30pm where players will share an awesome £500.

As for Sunday 20th, 20 players who have the biggest single win will each get 2 free spins with the Sunday Slot Siesta promo.

Together with the mentioned above promotions, games such as £100 Daily Smarty Pants, Bingo for boobies, Get Lucky and much more will be happening at Lucky Pants Bingo this weekend.  

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