A Suggestion For Online Bingo And Charitable Giving

Added 2011-04-28 10:29:34

So there's been quite a few posts of late to do with Bingo Giving. You probably all know that this fabulous site donates to charity in relation to every ticket you buy. This is great as it allows bingo players to give to good causes whilst playing at Bingo Giving for something they'd do anyway! Superb!

The only thing that is frustrating is that playing in this way doesn't take advantage of the gift aid system. For those of you that aren't familiar, gift aid is tax relief on donations to charity. Claiming tax relief on donations like this makes a huge difference to organisations because they receive 100% of the money given, up to a certain limit. So what's my big idea? Gift aid doesn't cost companies or individuals a bean! This is because the amount given comes off a companies' overall tax bill.

Therefore, I propose the following. Each online bingo company would form a charitable foundation. Players would make donations to the foundations which they could claim gift aid on, making the donations tax efficient. In turn, the charitable foundations would exchange the donations for bingo credits on their 'sister' sites. Obviously, the normal safeguards with regards to minors, problem gamers would still be in place and the bingo definately wouldn't change. After the 'donation' screen you would be passed to the bingo site and your 'donation' would give you an equivalent amount of bingo credits that would be fully playable and withdrawable.

This sounds very long-winded but there must be some ways like this to use the gift aid system fully whilst providing the same great bingo. Players would see no change really - apart from the involvement of a shell charity and it wouldn't hurt business either as donations would come off of their tax bill. It also has the potential of being beneficial for the industry as a whole. A very blue-sky idea! What do you think?