A Tale Of 2 Sessions

Added 2011-05-11 10:14:09

My luck winning wonderful golds went from 1 extreme to the other yesterday.Logged into OhMyBingo around 8;30 and went straight into bingo so as to get  a good seat near the top before the early bird session started at 9. About the 3 games in I was over joyed to get a gold coin win.

To my utter amazement I did the same on the next game. Two golds in 2 games i was in bingo heaven.I thought well that may as well quite now as lightining never strikes 3 times.How wrong i was a few games later i won my 3rd gold. I have once before managed this feat but was from 2 games in the golden hour session.

As the room was pretty full and was 2 golds per game.I also managed to win 24 silvers which allowed me to buy 2 more golds,giving me a  total of 5 golds from 1 session.I was on a high all day.Could not wait till 7pm to see if my luck had run out or if i was i to win even more gold. Alas it was the former. I did not win a gold and did not even manage a bronze.I never got a 1tg on a fold or silver just a couple on the  line.

I was playing again this morning on OhMyBingo no luck again but i noticed 2 players both won golds back to back like i did the day before.With the odds on winning back to back gold in the morning being over 1500 - 1 that's something thats going to happen 3 times in 24 games.