A teapot stuffed with millions of pounds at Tea and Bingo

Added 2010-02-11 14:24:26

Nothing in the world beats a cup of tea, does it? And not many things beat online bingo, do they? Combine the two together and you’ve got an explosive recipe, in Tea and Bingo, one of our very favourite bingo sites on the web. Why do we love it so much? Well, not only is it exceptionally pretty and attractive to play, with graphics as refreshing as a lovely cuppa, it’s got some seriously huge cash jackpots to be won too. And we mean HUGE.

On the Jackpots page of the site, you can click to see how many games there are, and how much can be won.  You’ll quickly see that there are absolutely millions of pounds waiting to be shaken from the teapot. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most eyepopping totals we’ve ever seen.

There’s over £1.3 million to be won on the Clover Rollover. The Bingo Bango Bank It jackpot stands at £24,700. There’s over £9k to be won at Cupcakes and Cash and over £16k to be won in the Super Joker Jackpot. And that’s only a small helping of the masses of games available on this superb UK bingo site.

So, Tea and Bingo, may sound like a cosy little site, but it hides an incredible secret. Not unlike finding an enormous diamond at the bottom of your brew!

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Written by Tracy Garnett.