A Thumbs Up For Charity Bingo

Added 2013-02-21 10:03:10

Hi everyone, once again:... I have been playing land Bingo and internet bingo for quite a spell.. In all that time I have never heard of a site that donates to caritable causes. I am extremely impresse with Charity Bingo, as, like I said, that is my first introduction to a site that donates to causes. Join here.

We all hate, I am sure that awful word cancer. It is such a terrible, rampant disease, with total disregard to the poor victim's that have to go through it. I have pre-cancer polyps as I write, and it is no picnic. Where as a normal person does not need a colonoscopy from anywhere to 8-10 yrs., I have to go in every 3yrs to have mine removed. Colonoscopy's are no picnic, but the alternative isn't either. I listen to my Doctor very carefully and follow his advice to the tea. It's no fun living on boiled chicken and baked fish, but having a flare up is even worse.

I admire the fact that Charity Bingo is so giving. I have been playing and checking out all the sites that are available to us that does that donation. If it's a depositing site, I try, at least once a month, to deposit minimum. I would deposit more, but living on a fixed income as I have to, doesn't fit in my budget but to be able to deposit once a month. I do so though because it brings a gladness, and a smile on my face, as I think of the fact, that the little i can deposit helps so many that are suffering.

Even if I didn't have a red light that the possiblity that I could have cancer, I would still donate, as I have lost a lot of family and friends that have died because of the Big C.

So, a big RAH to those online bingo sites that do. What a wonderful feeling. As far as having to eat nothing but boiled chicken and baked fish, which one get's used to, well, at least I am able to eat, and know how to prepare each 365 day's a year. At least I have a variety, and those that have cancer are sometimes lucky to be able to eat and hold anything down, especially after chemo and radiation. God Bless them all, and pray for the day there is a cure and they can become cancer free. That will surely be the day and a blessing.

On that note, hope this finds you all well and happy and bingoing, and winning.. So take care, get annual checkups and be good to you. Until the next time God Bless you all.. Happy bingoing. sparkplug711