A Tournament Suggestion for OhMyBingo

Added 2011-08-20 16:16:46

Hi all, I have been thinking about the new promotions that are forthcoming on Oh My Bingo and would like to suggest just one that I have in mind...it's ok if you think it's not a very good idea....but I do hope you will give it some thought.

I would like to suggest a tournament, played once or twice a week, maybe on a saturday or sunday, when most people should be able to attend, and consists of the winner of the most online bingo full houses in the hour,  receiving a £20 or failing that £10 amazon voucher, and the second and third place winners, receiving 2 gold and 1 gold coin respectively.

This I believe to be a fairer way to do it, rather than a quiz or chat game tournament, as the winners are determined by chance, and their luck on the day, because lets face it we are not all einsteins.. lol ...or good at cg's, and there would be no come back on the cm's , as there probably would be if it was chat games, or quizes.

I do hope that you will give this serious consideration, as it would help some of us players to boost our golds, and also for the lucky winner, a  prize that they can use for what ever they wish to buy, because you can save them up even, if you are lucky enough, for christmas or birthday presents etc.