A Tribute to harriethen from Jaseyboi

Added 2015-09-04 06:12:19

well this post may a little sad to read its regarding our very own harriethen.  i got home from work today and looked at my phone after it bleeped and there was a message from cags to say that harriethen had passed away which was so sad to read think most of us all on omb knew harriethen.

she would be sat that there not chatting then all of a sudden she would say something and i would end up giggling yeah i will admit it wasnt always clean lol harriethen got poorly n doesnt seem that long ago bless her but she still stayed strong.

sadly harriethen was one of the players that i didnt meet which would have been nice to meet and a think a few roomies would agree with me so can i just say R.I.P HARRIE you was a fighter.

also to dave, harriethens husband, and her family we are thinking of you all at this sad time and thankyou g for the mins silent im writing this with tears so thats it from me