A Trip Down Gala Bingo Memory Lane

Added 2010-08-28 16:13:35

I'm a big fan of online bingo and I guess we all are else we wouldn't be here .... but recently (because I can't win a THING at online bingo) ... I've been remembering what life was like before the internet. Especially Bingo Life.

I used to go to Gala Bingo and it was always a cracking night out.  I bought into every game going before I sat down .... I'd get nice and comfy in my "usual seat" and have a great time eyeballing all the other players before the games started. I used to wear jeans and teeshirt and was alway amazed at how a lot of the peeps used to dress to the nines .. some of the girls looked SO glam and you could always spot the old ladies who'd been to the hairdresser that day :-)

The games would start and it was all terribly exciting ... I was very lucky to be with a friend who had the good sense to watch my cards as well coz I often just couldn't keep up..... the more beers I had the sloppier my dabbing got. And when you won ... that fabulous envelope with wads of notes being shoved immediately into your hand.

Then there was the break where I would queue for summatt and chips and my friend would go and win £80.00 on the slots. It always seemed to be £80.00 .. dunno HOW she did it but she was very good at the nudging and holding palaver ...  that's another thing I just couldn't keep up with.

Then more games.. sometimes free boxes of chocs ....  and then off home laughing and giggling about how the night had cost nowt because it often didn't.

Online bingo IS fab ... I can sit in my jim-jams and not comb my hair and no-ones any the wiser .... but oh how I miss land bingo.

I don't go anymore because I smoke.

More fool me :-(