A Warm Welcome from a Warm Group of Players

Added 2010-08-25 16:18:28

I joined up earlier this week after receiving an invite from my daughter and am amazed at how lovely and friendly everyone has been. As soon as I logged in for the first time, I was instantly made to feel welcome by chianty (there was no CM in the room at that time) and was told about the wonderful golden hours in the morning and evening (I've still yet to win my first gold coin, but I live in hope).

My daughter told me that this site is her most favourite online bingo site, that everyone is really friendly, the chat games are great, and the CMs are even better. And I have to say that I completely and utterly 100% agree with her.

I've been on a few other bingo sites, and I have to say that none of the chat rooms there are so welcoming with people egging each other on to get a win and offering the new people advice. I remember asking a question in one room once and because the CM was away, someone told me to just go to the help room and they would let me know (and it was only a question about what time their pjp games from from).

So thank you Oh My Bingo, I think I'll be sticking here from now on ... and thank you Emmy for the brilliant recommendation!