A Weekend Win At William Hill Bingo

Added 2011-05-23 07:36:09

Had another good win this weekend. I opened my emails on Sat morning to find one from William Hill Bingo, saying 'Hi we have not seen you for a while and are missing you' yeah right lol but they also said they had paid £1 into my account as a welcome back and all I had to do was sign in, as I am not one to turn down free money I thought, oh well what the hell and logged in to my William Hill Bingo account and sure enough there was £1 waiting.

I thought  I may as well split it even and have 2 games of 5 tickets, so I purchased 5 tickets for the 1st game got won 1 line went. 2 lines went and full house left me waiting for number 25 on 55 calls, the numbers kept coming and coming then omg on 67 call out popped number 25 and I bagged my self a £43 win, I couldn't believe it, but I stuck to my original plan of 5 tickets for next game and waited for game to start still on a high from my full house win.

I watched the Numbers being called and blow me down if I didn't need number 25 for the lIne, I had a little chuckle and said to myself  'you not gonna be that lucky' then omg out popped 25 for a nice £8 win, I couldn't believe it, I went straight to withdrawal page and transferred £30 to my paypal account and had £20 odd left to play with, I won a few shares but not much else, but hey ho I was still buzzing at the fact I had bagged my self a nice £30 profit and an evening of bingo and it had cost me nothing, than you William Hill look forward to my next £1 welcome back bonus.............Kim  (xbunnykinsx).