A Weekly Competion Idea

Added 2012-06-26 12:35:46

Hi all shininson here again hehehe

This time I aint here to bore you but to ask both the players and management how they would feel about a weekly sideline game

It happens in real bingo and online cash bingo I was just wondering if maybe we could do the same. Anyways here goes with my idea, we have all heard about jackpot games or winning extra if you win in under a certain amount of numbers and as when you are playing bingo here at OhMyBingo the number of calls is shown under the ball being called out. Then how about making it a weekly game where you win X prize, be it Coins or OMPs (upto management not me) but, I do feel that OMPs would be easier (in case of any shares)

So for example when the game starts on week 1, the number starts low at say 30numbers (which is a big ask!) and if nobody wins the full house in the said 30 numbers then in week 2 the number and prize goes up a little bit so the number of calls would go to 31 calls and say the prize was 5000 omps push it up to 5250 OMPs and such forth until there is a winner. 5000 OMPs may not seem alot for such a game but if you push it up by 250 OMPs each week, then i feel that by the time this is won the amount would have risen to quite a descent amount. Dont forget every 4 numbers it goes up is an extra 1000 OMPs and i think that it wud go to maybe 8000 after X amount of weeks

And I feel it would be a nice little bonus, even tho this may take a few weeks or months to be able to win. But, there is many ways of changing this for the mangement to make it into a good sideline game by changing the amount of time, prizes, number of calls by how much it goes up by etc etc etc

Please comment and tell me what you think :o)