A Win at Mirror Bingo from Free Money

Added 2011-03-06 20:42:24

woo hoo i have just had a win at mirror bingo with the free bonus money that i won from their latest promotion every one is a winner.

This morning doing my usual going around some of my favourite sites redeeming any bonus points to be able to play.

I still have not had all of my bonus money added yet from the mirror bingo promotion but what points i did have were just to tempting for me and i had to have a go.

I choose the 75 ball room which i never play in because i never win in these rooms.

Tickets were 6p so i maxed, first game and woo hoo i won £16 some thing.

I think the site is being having tech problems this morning because the next game did not start and my balance did not go up.

The cm was very helpful and asked me to wait a few mins before refreshing my balance which i did and my balance went up.

Got a bit worried at first thought i might not get my winning.

Now all i have to do is win some more as the minimum withdrawal is £30 so good luck to me.