A win worth the wait at Mecca Bingo Online

Added 2011-07-23 10:29:00

At the beginning of last week I exchanged 8 gold coins for £15 on Mecca bingo, I gave my user name etc.. and sat back and waited, checking on a regular basis to see if it had been added as the last time I had exchanged for bingo cash it took about 3 days, then it was the weekend so I thought it wont be done over the weekend so waited till Monday lunchtime, still no bingo cash, so I sent a email to OMB and soon got a reply promising to look into it, by Wednesday still no bingo cash. On Thursday morning I checked my emails and one from Ben saying my conversion was a success and my £15 had been credited to my Mecca bingo account, whoop whoop.

Off I went and logged into Mecca played a few games nothing... changed room still nothing was down to £5 so went to lobby and closed my eyes n clicked play and ended up in the X Factor room, bought 6 tickets at 15p and won £35 full house, I was well chuffed played a few more games sticking to 6 tickets, after 3-4 games I win on 2 lines £16 so was now up to £45 in my balance, dont often play fruit machines but i thought what the hell, has a couple of spins £1 a go won £6 few more spins, £15 another and another and before I knew it I was up to £140 in my balance, so I swiftly went to withdrawal took put £120 and left £20 to play tomorrow, hope I have some more good luck...Kim  Xbunnykinsx