A Winning Weekend At Bingo Cams

Added 2011-05-16 11:27:36

Just thought I would let you all know about my great weekend of online bingo. I got up on Friday morning and found an email from 'BINGO CAMS' with a voucher code for £2 bonus,  I had registered on Bingo Cams a while back and I already had a couple of vouchers codes which I had put on and was surprised to find I had accumulated £10 worth of bonuses.

Since, I had no funds on my usual site I thought I may as well play this bonus money, 1st game won £4 odd on 1 line, then a full house, then another and another, as many of you will know as it was bonus money it went onto my bonus, the amount started to rise with even more wins, when I went to bed I had over £30 in bonus.

On the Saturday afternoon, hubby watching footie, I thought I may as well go play my £30 odd and blow me down i won the 1st house then the 2nd and a few lines, I looked at my balance to see I now had £35 in cash balance, so I assumed I had played through my bonus enough times for it to show as cash, as I have never deposited I wasn't sure if I would be eligible for a withdrawal so went and checked, said no deposit required and minimum via bank transfer was £25.

So I went ahead and withdrew £25 not bad for free, upon checking this morning I was pleased to see that my withdrawal had indeed been excepted and I would get my £25 in my bank in 3-5 working days how chuffed am I? Iif you haven't played 'BINGO CAMS' what are you waiting for, hope you are as lucky as me if not luckier..................Kim   -   xbunnykinsx.