Abducted By Oh My Bingo Slots

Added 2015-03-19 08:44:20

The aliens came and took me from playing my fav free bingo site just after 9pm last night.I was enjoying the banter with h and roomies, but just had to go.Next i find myself cashing in lots of silvers to play the slots.I tried to stop this force over me but no i kept spinning.

I got free spins and got me thinking-------- which is a danger in its self.

Swiftys charity do is on Friday all raised goes to Freddiesmile which is a charity for children suffering from the dreaded cancer.

Im amazed at all you guys that has sent things for the raffle,  vouchers, hampers,  money the list goes on. Ben you have got THE best free site on the net(now dont be pinching the prizes Ben for the new shop).

I would like to thank nannyyyyy who is coming to pick me up, shes travelling 95 miles to make this event.(dont you just love a friend that does not drink) she drives me to though------- opps who said that? must of been the aliens.

Im sure Swifty is going to make lots of money for this charity.Kids with cancer dont bare thinking about does it , bless them.

P s as ever i making a quiche for swifty for her tea saturday but if we meet in Leeds for a drink shes not having it lol.Too good to be wasted on a drunk ha ha.

P ps plz take a moment to vote for our fab cms on which bingo that give up time to keep us happy.

Ppps i know whos not voted and im going to hound you ha ha

Pppps that goes for you cms too----------- rolls eyes lol