Added bingo bonus in the post from Love Your Bingo

Added 2010-09-09 11:47:27

This morning the post came expecting it all to be the usual rubbish or bills but today i had an extra letter on the envelope it said important documents inside. So i opened it wondering what it could be and as i pulled it out it had love your bingo at the top. As i started to read the letter it said they'd noticed i have played on there for a while and we miss you, to be honest i dont think i've been back since i had my £140 win from my free money via my gold coin claim on ohmybingo.

So i carried on reading and it said that now is a better time then any to come back and play as they are running a special promotion from the 6th September in the cashtastic and online bingo bonanza rooms. They have a jackpot which is over £118,499 and you can win it by winning the full house in 29 calls. 29 calls! no chance but....... it will get easier to win as they are increasing the ball count by 1 everyday! They say it will be won by 21st september, what a lovely prize that would be to win i cant even start to think about what i would spend it on i'd be so overwhelmed.

I carried on reading and it said to celebrate the fantastic promotion they have credited my account with £1 so i can have a go. I havent log in there yet but plan to later and who knows it might be a lucky £1 :) So now is a really good time to join if you aren't a member already think of that prize money, how would you spend it? Good luck everyone xxx

lou xxx