Addicted to the Computer not Online Bingo

Added 2012-04-15 00:31:13

Hi Guys, firstly... I would like to say, that bingo had become a major role in my daily routine,.. Well. to the extent, that hubby decided that I must be addicted to it .., What Moi... Addicted To Bingo Never., lol... although I must admit to playing a lot on the pay sites too ... sometimes more than one at a time rofl.. in fact it got to the point, where the very mention of online bingo would really annoy him..need I say more,,. As I am sure that some of you can relate to this,

So I looked around for other things to do,( which was not easy at first I can tell you) rofll.. well I found a site that allowed you to caption pictures, but I did miss my bingo... especially Oh My Bingo....Well not playing very often, and feeling rather unfomfortable, in just using the ooc n auto features because of the controversy that has surrounded them, for, any length of time.(.although I do thnk that they are both a great asset to the site personally) this then became a major role in my day too.. roflll.

I guess that what I am trying to say, is that, it could very well be the actual computer, that is so, dare I say 'addictive',  because lets face it, if you are at home a lot, then there is only so much else you can do with your time,, and what better way to spend your spare time, than playing bingo, and chatting, when you are able, and if you are not doing this then you will probably still be on the computer doing some thing else