Age Verification can be Difficult with Online Bingo

Added 2011-01-01 12:29:36

I dont know if anyone else has had this problem but i been playing online bingo since end 2009 have joined bigger more popular sites recently like Mecca Bingo, sun mirror ruby bingo and bet fred - one of which will payout anything i have won due to no being able to verify my age i have faxed driving licencse and passport my copy  seems clear enough, but i had loads of excuses mostly copy isint clear enough through fax etc.

I couldnt even get my deposit refunded as they would have got to keep bonus and my winnings i only had so long with each site before as account was suspended until age was proven some i could still deposit but not withdraw which i thought was even more outragousthink about 6 diffrent sites since october this has happened.

im 32 years of age and my debit card would have confired my address and that it didnt belong to a under 18 bank account holdermost the time limit has now expired as of bad weather  since end nov bn snowed in and back log with royal mail and no fax machine at home please post comment if this has also had a problems  thanks claire xx