All about Prizes on OhMyBingo

Added 2013-08-11 11:01:00

There is a many-varied choice of Prizes available for all our lucky members, and OhMybingo offers various ways to dispose of your excess coins – either by buying status upgrades, OMP purchases, great prizes such as an Amazon Kindle Fire! Why, you can even donate coins to charity!

There seems to be a yawning gap in the Prize structure! I was very interested in the £20 Amazon Voucher in exchange for 40 golds.

1. I was nonplussed to discover that, before I could apply for the vouchers, I had to apply for £20 of funding to certain sites, using up some of my precious and hard-earned Golds. Fair enough I thought - OhMyBingo is. after all. completely free and must be financed by such deals.

2. However - Shock-Horror! It seems that you can only apply for a grand total of two vouchers before they disappear from your personal prize list.

I fully appreciate that money doesn't grow on trees, but a large incentive for my playing has been removed.

I wonder if it is possible for this limit to be reconsidered, please?

This would make my incentive for playing even greater than it is now! "The Management's" early consideration of this request would be greatly appreciated by me and, I suspect, other members too.