All change at Costa again

Added 2010-04-21 12:49:48

I just signed into Costa bingo as I do everyday to check if I have won and to play some free games and I have noticed that they have changed ... AGAIN!!

They only recently changed to a system where only newbies could play in the first few rooms and all other players could play in another three rooms.

This didn't seem to be very popular with some of us players and I know from reading the posts on here that OhMyBingoer's were not very happy with that set up. And a lot of us had e-mailed the site to let them know our feelings.

So did the "power of the people" work?  Have they changed back to the old format because the players didn't like the new one?  It would be nice to think that "we" the "people" did have some kind of say in the way we want our bingo sites to run and that someone out there actually listens and cares enough about what we want.

Gooooo Costa Bingo!!! :)

If only all the bingo sites would take heed and listen to their customers.

Maybe we can campaign and get that game that pays all players £1,000,000 just for getting a line!

Anythings possible in "Cloud Bingo Land"



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