All change for the Bingo Com site

Added 2010-05-18 18:00:59

I used to love playing as I used to have a lot of luck from this site. I liked the fact that not many people played here and the jackpots were still huge especially for their special games.

I never used to bother playing if there weren't jackpot games on as these were always low amounts, But i played the free games quite a lot and won on these too. And finally there chat games were really good, if you won you would be rewarded with a £5.00 bonus, im not sure many othjer bingo sites do such a high bonus for a chat game.

Well so theres me go on and on how about how much i like ituntil yesterday.

I hadn't been on for a while so thought id give it a go, just to find they have changed the whole site! This was to my disapointment. Im not sure when they changed it but it couldnt have been that long ago.

My bonus points were gone in which i had 5000 which used to equal £5.00 but they had given me 5p, is that all i get for being a loyal member?

The bingo rooms had gone and there were only two i recognised the others were for european countries.

The cash amounts in the rooms were tiny. One room was 10p a line 27p two line and 63p a house! I had never seen so tiny amounts at

Im still trying to find where they put everything.

To say the least i was very disapointed in what they had done to the site, they had just taken away everything i loved about it. I thought the whole idea in change is for the better?

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