All Joked Out and MOM

Added 2012-12-07 07:53:30

Hi all N OMB,

Just a quicky to say you've had all me best jokes and i'm all joked out I've been posting 2 a day for quite a while now. I've also used me recipe arsenal up for a while too. I have noticed the jokes recipes etc have stopped for about 3 or 4 days now, people only seem to post near to the end of the month (which is a shame) but brings me nicely to my next topic.

Member of the month.

Firstly thank you for 3rd place award for October it really was a nice surprise, and to win £30 bonus was great. Ladbrokes however were not so great though with their 4x wager requirement although in the end that did'nt matter anyway as it just got swallowed up without a win.

I know a lot of people were very surprised by the results of this months winners and even i'd go as far to say a bit upset. No dis-respect to any players (well done) But I think everyone was under the impression that participating around the site was part of the criteria for winning MOTM (correct me if i'm wrong but at one point it was?). Having read the MOM page I know it says there is no set criteria for winning. It does seem a tad unfair though that contributing to jokes, news and recipes does not reward contributors a little bit more than it does. I don't want to sound like a moany old git so i'll leave it there.

I don't depo much on pay sites any more as I have a young family that comes first so writing stories about my experiences is few and far between however I do try and pick out bits from emails I recieve that Tracy does not mention. I've done all my clicks and reviewed all the sites I am able to. I've posted a shed load of jokes and recipes I could try and write a few more stories but always feel a bit of a fraud as they are just for laugh and not what this news reporter is meant for.

Having said all that I should still be on daily but will only have my daily lottery win (pocket money) to play with. Being me I can't help maxing tickets so wont last me long lol.

Thanks OhMyBingo for providing us reprobates ("i'll speak for myself" before anyone else says it (cags lol)) a place to hang out.

Thank you all for making the site what it is, and thanks for reading

(apologies for starting with "just a quicky" i've just looked back on what I've wrote lol)