All the players at OhMyBingo are really friendly

Added 2010-11-24 09:41:40

hi everyone, my brother has been on to me for weeks about this oh my bingo site saying you should play on this online bingo because you enjoy bingo and i kept saying i will i will and just a couple of weeks ago my brothers misses referred me, i can honestly say i am very glad she did. i have been playing on the game everyday in the morning, have won a few times, i have referred one of my friends and she joined yesterday, i would reccomend this oh my bingo site to anyone because i think it really good.

 all of the other players are so friendly aswell even when i make mistakes and believe me i have made a few which looking back on it is quite funny and i felt a right fool but everyone justs laughs about it. the banter on the chat room makes me laugh.i look forward to playing a few games of bingo before i now go to work, i have wrote this letter to show other people how good it is and if they ere stuck in the house on there own and they have got a computer, then they donot need to feel bored anymore just to get on to oh my bingo and have some fun. lisa