Almost a big online bingo winner

Added 2010-10-18 17:22:17

So i was at the gala bingo in Edinburgh one night with my gran. We were playing the big link up and i wasnt getting anywhere so i was marking off the numbers a little bored because i wasnt anywhere near! At 1st line i was 3 away on my best card. ON the 2nd line I was still 6 away from getting close to 2 lines. Got to the bingo full house and my numbers started coming out. I sat up and started getting really excited! I was one number away from the big money link full house from 35 numbers!!! I was almost peeing in my seat, i was so excited. My gran couldnt stop laughing at me, which meant she couldnt mark her cars properly!

I was waiting on number 26 and i just knew it was going to come out! It didnt, the woman that one was from Bristol and won on number 27!!!!! I was distraught!! I mean how could that happen, it was just so unfair! I think that when that sort of thing happens that person should win at least a tenner!!

 It is just so unfair how things like this happen, and ever since I have had nightmares!