Almost made it on Foxy Zero slots

Added 2010-03-31 14:55:35

Yesterday  I was feeling lucky but hadn't got any money in to play slots on bingo sites. Now USUALLY I will never EVER deposit to play slots ... it's a downhill road as far as I'm concerned ... but something was whispering in my ear "Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on."  ( A bit like Mrs Doyle with the tea on Father Ted).

So I went utterly WILD and popped a fiver onto Foxy Zero .. took a deep breath, sang a little tune and away I went.

And boy those slots were sweet .... I only ever do 18p bets but within a short while I was up to £20.00

I took a little break, had a nice cup of tea .. went back to the slot and got up to £29 86. Just 14p off've a redeem.

So on I went ....... hmmmmmmmmm ... probably not my best decision of the night :-(

That's where it all went pear shaped.

Down, down, down, down, down my balance went :-(

Right back down to my original fiver .. and then down to nowt.

So NEAR and yet so far :-(

Of course NOW I realise I was silly, I could've deposited another fiver at any point over £25.00 and taken out the £30.00 .. but did I think of that at the time ....? NOPE .. I just thought I was the coolest slot player in the world and any minute I'd be laughing and giggling with vast winnings falling into my lap.

Ah well .. it was fun while it lasted and we can't win EVERYTIME I guess :-)

And to be honest I LOVED every MINUTE :-)