Always read online bingo terms

Added 2010-05-03 12:49:29

Come on, How many of you have signed up for sites thinking you getting a bonus? Good bonus? or a few no deposit bonus? It may take a few minutes to read threw the T@C but you got to do it, I have been playing bingo sites for a good few years now & at 1 point I was addicted ( yes not to bingo ) but just reading the stupid T@C , You be suprised how many of you sign up get a bonus than relise once you have tried taking cash out that its a no go?, So we all no that by this time you have to deposit b4 you make a withdrawell? so than once made you have to play threw that deposit to make a withdraw, Than you relise yet again that so many sites have a minimum of £50 withdraw & minimum deposit of £30 & only once a week ( mention no sites ),

From my option I have played many of sites and the banking system brigend is exellent, Yes it take 2 - 3 days to prosses and it depend on wicth site £10 - £30 min take but if you havent played threw your bonus and you want to withdraw than you can, all you will losse is you bonus bucks, What I do is play slots if I win than its all good & if I loose than I still have my bonus to play bingo, Only the other day I was playing machines & won, So went to take out and said if you withdraw more than a certain amount you will loose all or part of your bonus, So I take out and leave the min amount so still got bonus bucks & the cash I left in, So played Played mahines again with the rest of the cash and lost, But still had bonus bucks, played max tiks than won on a few, so cash wash back up, so played fruitys again & won, so took out,

What I am getting at is READ Terms, & if every body new than there will only be good online bingo sites to play & not 1's just taking our cash for fun, Come on ohmy get sum decent sites put on for peoople even if you have to put them on for free trail???

Sorry to rant on but hope 1 person would listen