Always Read the Full Terms and Conditions

Added 2013-02-15 12:59:33

I was reading over the posted news letters. The one of the scam, sent off a red light. I had gone to a site, tried to pull out 200, but after three attempts, and them still telling me I didn't have right information, I finally gave up and played the monies off.

Yes, read the fine print, and yes on a comment I read, most sites are like that. There are a few where you don't have any problems at all, but I think they just want to keep our deposits and don't give a hoot if we get back anything or not.

I complained to live chat, they said they would put 50 more on my acct balance as they felt I was slighted. Oh well deposit and learn I guess. I am not so quick at depositng anymore. Heck, the local casino where I can go, well they take my money fast enough there as it is. Also, the best hitting machine in the whole place happens to be the ATM lol. I have fun though, and don't go if I feel it's going to make me mad that I lost.

Just go with a good spirit of I know I might not take home any money, but I had a nite out with the gals and had fun. Thanks everyone & good luck to all.. sparkplug711