Always Read the Rules

Added 2013-01-11 11:25:00

I have been playing on the comfy bingo site quite a lot recently , part of the landmark network .Having spent far too much money I have set myself a deposit limit. Unable to deposit I have been using the free £1 each day. Imagine my delights when i managed to get my free one pound the other night and turn it into a lovely £100 in the bank. It did take me a couple of hours and I didn't get to bed till 2am in the morning!! But whilst on a winning streak I couldn't stop.

Not bad going from a free pound I thought.  Trying to recoup some money I requested a £90 withdrawal and was rubbing my hands in glee. It's a long time from Christmas to January's pay day. Shopping in the sales yesterday thinking I could treat myself to a wee pressie.

Well today my email confirmation came through, congratulationfrom your £30 pound withdrawal has been approved ! The long and short of the process is read the rules. Once I read them this morning I was fully in the picture ,not only can you only withdraw £30 but you will then loose any balance left. 

So beware and read the rules on any new online bingo sites you go on I will from now on and could have had a couple more hours in bed lol.