Am 5 goldies up thanks to OhMyBingo

Added 2011-05-30 09:37:05

Yessss i manged to be 5 more goldies up today wooo.. firstly i managed to win some silver on my first game which was then enough to get the first gold then i was lucky and managed to win another gold on golden hour and i won silver with it 2 so that was 2 gold.

Then i managed to win another gold and silver so that was 3 gold but then i had won enough silver to change back over for another gold. Lastly i won enough silver for another gold so i had a great night tonight yesss lol but it did cost me about 10,000 points but it was worth it in the end lol.

How is everyones luck going are you doing well on your goldies? Good luck to you all on getting your golds.Also a big well done to full house winners 8-9 who won window stickers congratulations. Good luck everyone next Sunday on merchandise mania.. I'ts great to have something to look forward to if you have no luck on gold hour the hour before.

I wish you all good luck and i hope you get alot of gold and get the  prizes you are saving for. xxx