Amazing Friends at OhMyBingo

Added 2011-06-28 05:48:42

i would like to thank all the wonderful new friends i have found on omb, for been so kind and friendly.

In may i travelled to brighton from my hometown of yorkshire to meet tytyj and her family, and she was everything i expected her to be, kind, friendly,and made us very welcome in her home, she as a wonderful family, and i will certainly be goin to see them all again.

Then today in chat i was chattin to Nora, who lives in memphis USA, who as invited my husband and i to stay in her home when we go to america, its just unbelievable how friendly everyone is. All the cms are fantastic always there to help. 

So THANK YOU, to all you wonderful omb members , or should i say THANK YOU to my FRIENDS xx