Amazing Luck and Money at Moon Bingo

Added 2010-08-20 08:50:44

The first time that i played bingo on Moon Bingo i got 30 quid on my first deposit of a tenner and I thought 'great', but i could only use the sign up bonus to play bingo but i didnt mind.  So i thought i would spend my tenner playing slots and wait till that run out before I used my bonus for bingo.

I soon got down to my last quid then i started to win, great, then i won again and again and again soon i was up to a hundred quid.  I was so happy, i couldnt believe my luck as i have never won anything like this before.

so i thought i should cash it out because i still had my sign up bonus to use for bingo and i didnt want to lose what i just won on slot games.  so i started playing online bingo five pence a ticket and max cards for the room.  The game started for first line three to go two to go then one to go, then win bingo.  I won first line - great - then second line started i won that too...I couldn't believe my eyes then i was playing for full house bingo and i had won again twenty six quid so i thought i would have a go of one of the scratch card games.  It cost a quid it started to show what was hidden i won again another hundred!  I had another go then again, I won another hundred!  I cashed out before i lost the lot, first time i won but havent won anything since.